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At 286 meters, the Bismarckturm is the highest point on the Haar between Soest and the Möhnetalsperre dam. Two important historical roads cross here: the old postal route from Münster via Soest to Arnsberg (B229) and the old Haarweg in an east-west direction (B516).





Bismarckturm Möhnesee

Haarhöhe B 229/Haarhöhenweg

59519 Möhnesee



Patriotic Soest citizens and local politicians wanted to donate a monument to Bismarck. The construction was planned in 1912, one year before the Möhnesee dam was completed. The tower was to be completed on April 1, 1915 to mark Bismarck's 100th birthday. A hall of fame for the fallen of the wars was to be set up on the first floor, as well as a fire bowl on the roof.

Due to the First World War, the tower was not completed and fell into ruin at a height of 8 meters. The National Socialists continued to build the tower, which was inaugurated in 1934 at a height of 18 meters; instead of a hall of fame, a swastika was placed on the west side. This was removed after the war.

From 1934 to 1936, the tower was open to the public as an observation tower. From 1936 to 1939, the Bismarckturm was used by the "Marinefunkstation Mitte" of the city of Soest. After the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, an observation post of the German Luftwaffe was housed here. From the end of the war in 1945 until 1958, the tower was closed, was not used and could no longer be accessed.

It was used as a relay station for radio communication from 1958, and since the 1970s it has also been used by the local fire department and police and today even by the disaster relief service.

On April 5, 1984, the "Förderverein Bismarckturm" was founded. The tower is now owned by the district of Soest and was thoroughly renovated in 1987 and opened as a viewing tower. It is maintained by the "Heimatverein Möhnesee e.V.". Provided the weather is suitable, the tower offers excursionists a view over the Soest Börde, the Möhnesee and the Arnsberg Forest.

Source: Flyer Bismarck Tower, Heimatverein Möhnesee e.V.

The tower is regularly open from May to October on Sundays and public holidays from 10:00 to 12:30.

Guided tours for groups are possible and can be requested from the Heimatverein Möhnesee e.V..

Main opening times:

Day From Until
Sunday 10:00 12:30


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