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Here you will find all data on the Diemel dam, the Diemel dam, the operating facilities and the equalizing reservoir.

Data of the Diemel dam

Reservoir volume19.9 million m³
at full damming376,20 m above sea level
Lengthapprox. 4 km upstream Diemel
approx. 3,1 km Itter upstream
Max. Depth34,20 km
Water surfaceapprox. 1.65 m²

The water is mainly fed by the inflows of the Itter and Diemel, with the Itter providing the largest inflow. The catchment area covers a total of 104 km². The discharge for a 1,000-year flood was designed in 1998 with 160m³/sec.

Data of the Diemel dam

Construction period1912 to 1914 and 1919 to 1924
Type of constructionCurved gravity dam
(diabase rubble masonry)
K-radiusapprox. 250 m
Wall heightapprox. 42 m
Crown lengthapprox. 194 m
Crown widthapprox. 7 m
Bottom lengthapprox. 90 m
Invert widthapprox. 31 m

In order to increase the safety standard in accordance with DIN 19700, a basic rehabilitation with tunnel-shaped inspection walkway was carried out from November 1995 to December 1997 (1998). The total costs for this amounted to about DM 20 million.

Operating equipment (2 bottom outlet pipes)

The pipe on the left slope with a diameter of 135 cm and a flow rate of 30 m³/sec. serves to relieve the reservoir contents in case of need. By means of reducers the flow rate can be reduced to 10 m³/sec., 3 m³/sec. or 1 m³/sec.

Equalizing basin

Lengthapprox. 350 m
Width in the middleapprox. 80 m
Contentapprox. 65,000 m³
at full damming341.50 m above sea level

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